10 Key Trends you Should Incorporate into your Event

When creating an event experience, you want it to be memorable, unique and amazingly awesome! We are always looking out for current trends, creativity and innovative ideas that bring an event to life. Here are our shortlist of current event trends that will definitely stay for a long while.


Integrating technology with your event makes it a trend, and it also makes it colourful and fun from virtual reality, to touch screen devices, to encouraging the use of mobile phones. People will be streaming live on their social media pages and share the fun they are having at your event. 



That said, take advantage of social media as a sharing platform so that guests can share their event experience with their own networks. Stories on Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook create a personal feedback and shout-out in connection with guests’ experience during an event.



If you are hosting your event at a venue that is well-known by people, it is most likely going to trend. Venues are changing their tactics every day to attract more visitors. Depending on the event, people are now looking forward to unconventional event spaces such as pop-ups, tents, lofts, rooftops and hip cafes. 



Throughout our event experiences, the selection and presentation of food and beverages play an extremely important role, although those two essentials could be overlooked. While trends come and go, a meal that is nourishing and truly delicious will never be the least desirable. The types of meals served during a particular time of the day is also of paramount importance. Guests are becoming more vocal about catering options, delivery and style.



Many social media platforms now offer live streaming where users can stream live videos of the event. The number of people seeing how excellent your event is will shape how the next event will be attended. A live video is one of the best ways of promoting an event.



Every event is unique and hence, as a team of event organizers, we ensure that your event is moulded from scratch. From theming to concepts to experiences, we treat your event as your own so that you, the client, OWNS the event.



This might go to the personalization level more but it is also a trend for events, and the event industry is taking advantage of this. No matter what event you are running, a strong event branding is integral to your success. An event needs to appeal to a target audience in the same way that any company does. From signages to POSM, collaterals, t-shirts and event door gifts, there needs to be a coherence that reflects the identity of your event.



Creating an experiential event is gaining popularity. Create an event that delivers multi-sensory experiences to your guests – from augmented reality to event styling and design. Leave a positive impact and a lasting impression to your audience and let them talk about it on social media.



A reliable free Wi-Fi is indispensable to ensure a successful event because of how widely used this asset is at any given time and place. If your event consists of business goers, these groups may need quick access to their e-mails or contacts. Having an efficient Wi-Fi also helps ensure your guests are satisfied to their own use such as sharing and live streaming videos of your event on the spot.



Events today are no longer about the organizer or just about the participants. It is a two-way street where both parties need to constantly engage to build networks, trust, and relationships. We can create an event that encourages engagement between you, the host and your attendees.

Midas Events Management (MEM) is a Business Events management company based in Kota Kinabalu Sabah. Creativity runs in our blood and our goal is to bring our own events and your event(s) ideas to life.