Conference & Exhibition
BIMP-EAGA Energy Online Conference & Exhibition (BECE)

2021 - current

BIMP-EAGA Energy Online Conference & Exhibition 2021 or BECE 2021 in short is an Inaugural event organised in a virtual setting.

This virtual setting provides all the power and energy infrastructure and oil and gas communities and other stakeholders a chance to meet virtually and identify potential opportunities for the industries.


In its first installation, BECE 2021 will bring together a range of industry experts involved in every aspect of the oil and gas and power & energy infrastructure sectors from across the BIMP-EAGA region, including regional government policy makers and private enterprise to exchange knowledge and share their expertise and showcase the power and energy infrastructure and oil and gas developments that will ultimately shape and strengthen this industry sector in the BIMP-EAGA region, ultimately achieving the planned outcomes under her strategic vision 2025.

The 2 days conference sessions will provide the highest level of quality in technical and strategic content, comprehensive in-depth practial information, designed to provide the latest in technologies, trends and market as well as challenges and opportunities.

Participants from various industry sectors are invited to participate in the BECE 2021 Online Conference as they will have the opportunity to network with other participants, speakers, sponsors, moderators and exhibitors in a networking session in their own chosen day and time.


Exhibitors are encouraged to take part in the exhibition as not only all those in the conference room will converge to the exhibition room but this platform is open to all/any visitors to visit their booths as well. The exhibition provides a unique opportunity to reach buyers, specifiers and decision makers across multiple segments of the various industries in the BIMP-EAGA region.

The virtual networking session and the exhibition will serve as a platform for industry players to promote their latest power and energy infrastructure technologies as well as oil and gas products and services and other related services.


Taken during video recording and production, May 2021
Taken on Day 1, 23 Aug 2021
Conference & Exhibition
Sabah Oil & Gas Conference & Exhibition (SOGCE)
2012 - present

SOGCE is a major event servicing the Malaysian state of Sabah’s oil & gas industry. The show brings together suppliers and buyers under one roof in a 2-Day event held in a 5-Star Sutera Harbour Resort, Sabah and is supported by Sabah State Government through the Ministry of Industrial Development, Shell Malaysia, Malaysian Oil & Gas Services Council (MOGSC), MaxEnergy, SOGDC and Institute of Materials Malaysia, amongst others. SOGCE has welcomed close to 15,000 attendees.

The Exhibition showcases international and local exhibitors displaying the latest equipment, technology & solutions to demonstrate competitive advantages and competencies.

The last physical SOGCE was in 2019 and it was the 7th Installation.  Due to the pandemic crisis of covid-19 that made the whole world  and Malaysia was also not sparred, MEM quickly undertook to organise e-SOGCE or our 8th SOGCE but virtually, in August 2020 (lockdown was in March 2020) and was applauded by the President of MOGSC as the 1st Business Event organiser in Malaysia to undertake such a prominent online Oil & Gas conference in the state of Sabah.


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REGTech Sabah 2021
Conference & Exhibition
Renewable Energy & GreenTech Sabah (REGTechSabah)
2017 – present

In the current landscape, green technology plays an ever-more important role as the Malaysian Government seeks to transform the country into one that utilizes green technology and that is highly efficient. With consumer mind-sets shifting towards eco-friendliness and efficiency, there is a pressing need for all aspects of all major players in every industry sector to evolve and be committed towards meeting green and sustainable standards.

The current global emphasis on climate change and sustainable living has prompted significant moves, both by governments and the private sector to focus on the benefits of green technology.

Renewable energy is one of the important areas of green technology, one that requires greater effort to encourage the utilization of renewable resources as alternatives means of generating energy. The emphasis on renewable energy follows Malaysia’s initiative in transforming the energy sector in achieving energy efficiency. Sabah is endowed with an abundance of renewable energy sources that have the potential to offer strong prospects of contributing significantly to both the state and nation’s transformation into a high value-added economy.

With the Energy and Natural Resources Ministry, formerly known as Energy, Green Technology and Water Ministry (KeTTHA) continuing to take proactive measures to create public awareness and renewable energy and green technology advocacy programmes; it is only fitting for a dedicated platform designed to serve, advance and spearhead Sabah’s green industry to be organized. No other event in Sabah has been organized at such a scale that is dedicated to offer a strong platform to advocate the green industry.

Therefore, this Renewable Energy & GreenTech Sabah 2021 (REGTech2021) Online Conference is created to update our industry players and other stakeholders and this serves as a platform where the renewable energy and green industry comes together to share information on the challenges facing the industry and discuss opportunities and solutions; as well as education for advancing Sabah’s renewable energy and green technology sector.

It is a major initiative that resonates with Malaysia’s National Green Technology Policy, among which includes developing and creating public awareness, attracting more investors, as well as organizing green advocacy programmes. The broad areas of renewable energy and green technology simply provides an abundance of opportunities for various stakeholders and industries to be involved in yet another REGTech, in a virtual set-up.


 Hush Wedding Show (HWS)
2018 – 2019

Hush Wedding Show (HWS) celebrates design & Style behind modern weddings, bringing together couples, wedding vendors and service providers  to meet and develop business relationships.  Organised twice a year, and ever since its inception, the main aim has always been to support, promote and nurture the very best businesses in the wedding industry.  HWS together with Midas Events Management (both are business units of Falconet Resources Sdn Bhd) champion true artisans across all creative disciplines within the business - so no matter what fields our exhibiting participants have, if they offer fantastic wedding service or product, then this event is for them.

An independent and boutique wedding show, Hush Wedding Show is a brainchild (and an extension) of Hush Wedding Co, an online wedding editorial, inspiring wedding across the region.  Hush is more than just an average wedding fair - it is a community of like-minded, inspirational service providers at the top of their game.  It is a live spectacle, a place for exhibitors to literally showcase everything that they offer, a place - food, flowers, decors, dresses, make-up, stationaries - Hush Wedding Show is their stage and they get to run the show!

HWS places great importance on the aesthetic of the event.  We keep our prices for a spaces reasonable as possible, to encourage our exhibitors to really invest in their stands.  Be creative in producing beautiful displays with a ‘wowfactor’ that really sell their services!

HWS and MEM aim to create reputation for excellent quality, interactive shows filled with inspiration and that are visual delight.  We also encourage exhibitors to chat away with the couples.  Do live demos, offer samples, and encourage clients to try things on as this creates a spectacle and atmosphere that everyone will love being part of!

An experiential affair!

At Hush Wedding Show, vendors play an important role  to provide unique experience to our visitors!

Every HWS, we establish a theme and encourage exhibitors to get creative with their space! Build mock-ups, demos, samples and more using the theme as guideline.

Hush Wedding Show target style-savvy, and creative couples who are looking for beautiful, artisan, bespoke and unique ideas for their wedding.  Our brides and  grooms value creativity, and they are willing to vest in quality products and services.

Our couples age group range from 25 -35 years old, and based mainly in Kota Kinabalu.  Be it a theme wedding, traditional or simple wedding, our couples are here to source for inspirations and of course the service and products of our exhibitors.

While they may well keep up with the latest trends, what they are really looking for is something that truly reflects them and doesn’t fit the cookie cutter mould of a traditional wedding on to life!

Hush Wedding Show aims to be more interactive and experiential. We bring couple fresh event that stands  out from the ‘generic’ wedding fairs.  We offer further opportunities for exposure through online editorials, social media and blog posts.

Finally, Hush Wedding Show’s top priority is our couples’ interests. We aim to please and impress!


Trade Show
Sabah Travel & Lifestyle Fair (Sabah TLF)

Sabah Travel & Lifestyle Fair is a platform for network, exchange and to assist the domestic travel industry in linking up with other Malaysian and international counterparts as well as to enhance cooperation, promote social, cultural and  business opportunities for the domestic tourism industry.

The event was co-organized with the Malaysian Chinese Tourism Association (Sabah Branch).  Some of its sponsors include MasWings and SilkAir.

Held at Suria Sabah Shopping Mall, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, the event attracted more than 3000 visitors with close to 7,000 reach.

The event was attended by VIPs and distinguished guests, consuls of Indonesia, Japan, and China, local entrepreneurs among many others.


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Trade Show
Sabah International Travel Fair (Sabah ITF)
2015 - 2016

Sabah International Travel Fair is a trade show organised for the domestic travel industry in linking up with other Malaysian and international counterparts as well as to enhance cooperation, promote social, cultural and  business opportunities for the domestic tourism industry.

The event was co-located with Lifestyle Fair, promoting lifestyle products and services such as bridal, cosmetics, and locally produced handbags.

Held at Oceanus Waterfront Mall, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, the event attracted about 2,000 visitors with close to 5,000 reach across Kota Kinabalu.

The event was attended by VIPs and distinguished guests, consuls of Indonesia, Japan, and China, local entrepreneurs among many others.


Trade Show
2012 - 2014

This Exhibition is a showcase to attract buyers from every major market in the region featuring exciting products for virtually every category from hospitality and travel service companies to property development, education, medical, art and many more.

We have invited and managed more than 200 exhibitors in total, throughout this exhibition and attracted more than 5,000 visitors annually.

The total reach for this event per year was approximately 20,000 - 30,000 people within Kota Kinabalu.

All aspects of planning, management, marketing and execution were managed by our team.

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